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Dirty Fashion: How pollution in the global textiles supply chain is making viscose toxic

This report shines a spotlight on the environmental and human health impacts caused by the rapidly expanding viscose industry. It presents evidence from the top three viscose producing countries in Asia, showing how the environment, lives and livelihoods are being ruined by the dangerous chemicals and noxious gases its production generates. The report tracks the supply chain and establishes direct links between major European and North American brands and the polluting factories investigated. Brands can play a key role in this process by demanding that viscose companies clean up their act and by offering them support in transitioning towards more sustainable production processes. The good news is that new viscose production methods already exist, which do not rely on the abundant use of toxic chemicals and bring manufacturing into a ‘closed loop’ so that the chemicals which are used do not escape into the environment.

Herausgeber*in/Autor*in: Changing Markets Foundation
Medienart: Hintergrundinformation
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017

Zielgruppe: Student*innen, Erwachsene
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