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Cividep, India

Cividep conducts studies and research projects on working conditions in the textile and leather industries, among others. On this basis, Cividep strengthens the rights of workers through campaigning, advocacy and education.

Cividep is one of our partner organizations in India. Registered in 2000, this non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) pursues two main goals:

  1. Strengthening workers and their local communities
  2. Safeguarding of human rights and environmental standards by companies producing in India

Internship with Cividep/GLU

FEMNET regularly places interns at Munnade/GLU and Cividep. Their reports offer exciting insights into their work.

Internship reports from India (German)

Cividep regularly conducts studies and research projects on working conditions in the electronic, textile and leather industries. On basis of this data, Cividep strengthens the rights of workers through campaigns, education and advocacy activities with the aim of obliging companies to take responsibility for their actions. In this way, Cividep makes an important contribution to the clarification and elimination of blatant grievances. The organization educates workers about their rights, conducts training and provides legal support to women in enforcing their rights and in many questions of daily survival. Cividep organizes campaigns and protest actions to improve the situation of workers politically. It also enters into dialogue with relevant stakeholders from politics and economy./p>

Cividep's website:

What we have achieved together with Cividep

Together with Cividep, our current focus is on strengthening the rights of mothers and children. Since 2015, FEMNET and Cividep have been working together to improve childcare in garment factories in India, among other things. We have already achieved a great deal through this cooperation: 800 childcare places in Bangalore and a blueprint for adequate childcare facilities in the factories, which is setting the trend for the industry.

In 2018, Deepika Rao von Cividep was invited by FEMNET and civil society in the Textiles Partnership on a lecture tour in Germany.

Themenbereiche in Kooperation mit FEMNET