Fair procurement for the public sector

Foto: © Tobias Weesling, Köln
Foto: © Tobias Weesling, Köln

When the state buys, it should be fair

From computer mouse to police uniform - instead of following the supposedly cheapest offers, the state can set an example and consciously use its enormous buying power to strengthen fair production conditions and the supply of fair workwear.

A significant portion of all products required by the public sector are produced under inhumane conditions and in disregard of basic labor rights. At the same time, the public sector in Germany spends an estimated 500 billion euros annually (source: OECD) to procure these goods, financed with tax money.

Municipalities in Germany have set out to establish good labor standards in textile production as the selection criterion for their procurement. Considering the well-known abuses in the conventional clothing industry, from factory collapses to starvation wages, this is an important step. Since 2015 FEMNET accompanies municipalities in pilot projects and provides a contact point for multipliers, who want to become active for fair public procurement.

Our goals

Step by step, we contribute to make fair public procurement the norm in order to improve the market supply of fair workwear as well as global living and working conditions.

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