Sustainable textile purchasing for companies

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Fair Wear Works - Sustainable textile purchasing in companies

Whether workwear, merchandise or linen - many companies have a need for textiles. Sustainable criteria in the procurement strategy can positively influence working conditions and environmental impact along the supply chain. Companies thus make an important contribution to responsible business practices.

Textiles are often produced under inhumane conditions. Low wages, overtime, discrimination against women, lacking freedom of organization are the norm in many factories. An enormous consumption of water, chemicals in rivers and a share of 8% of the worldwide CO2 emissions make textiles a highly critical product also in ecological terms.

Sustainable alternatives ensure that textile purchasing becomes more fair. FEMNET and the Global Nature Fund (GNF) accompany you in this process! We offer you orientation in the maze of labels and standards, support you in informing your employees and help you to formulate green and fair criteria for your purchasing guidelines.

The goals

Responsible textile purchasing is an important component within the sustainable orientation of companies. With our offer, the social and ecological relevance of procurement and purchasing is strengthened and made comprehensible for employees*. We show companies which problems occur along the supply chain, which solutions are available and how social and ecological criteria can be integrated into the company's purchasing guidelines

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Sustainable textile purchasing for companies
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January 2020 – December 2022
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Marijke Mulder
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