International Partner Organisations

International Partner Organisations of FEMNET

We work with partner organisations and networks at many levels to strengthen our efforts, bundle our activities and anchor them effectively in politics, businesses and the general public. In particular we maintain long-term cooperation with selected organizations in India and Bangladesh to support them in implementing human and labour rights on the ground.

Working Meeting 2023 - Panel discussion with Nandita Shivakumar from AFWA (2nd person from left)

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The Asia Floor Wage Alliance (AFWA) is an Asian labour-led global labour and social alliance across garment-producing countries in Asia and consumer regions of USA and Europe.

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Das Team von BCWS


The internationally recognized labour rights organization is a member of the Clean Clothes Campaign and is one of Bangladesh's most prominent advocates for workers' rights.

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Team-Mitglieder und aktive Frauen von Cividep

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Cividep conducts studies and research projects on working conditions in the textile and leather industries, among others. On this basis, Cividep strengthens the rights of workers through campaigning, advocacy and education.

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2023 – 33 year jubilee


"Environment and Social Development Organization – ESDO" is a non-profit and non-governmental research organization based in Bangladesh. ESDO is dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of environmental conservation, safeguarding biodiversity, and maintaining ecological equilibrium.

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Das Munnade Team mit Gisela Burckhardt bei einem Projektbesuch


Munnade and GLU are two institutions under one roof with a common goal: to strengthen the rights of women workers in the garment industry.

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Das NGWF-Team mit Gewerkschafter*innen


The National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) is the largest union in Bangladesh and has been working for the rights and human dignity of workers in the country's export-oriented garment industry since 1984.

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© SAVE Rithanyaa Par

SAVE is an Indian human rights organisation that has been campaigning against child labour and for the improvement of working conditions in the spinning mills and textile factories of South India since 1993.

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Thivya Rakini, president of TTCU (2. person from right) at a podium in 2023

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Tamil Nadu Textile and Common Labour Union (TTCU) is a Dalit women-led trade union of textile workers working to end gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH), wage theft and caste-based violence in garment factories.

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Trade Union Rights Center (TURC) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2004 and headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

TURC works in various locations across Indonesia with trade unions, organizations, and activists in the palm oil sector, home sector, and manufacturing sector, aiming to promote decent work and empower the working class by providing labor rights education, labor law assistance, and labor studies.

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