International Partner Organisations

Gender workshop to increase the number of female trade unionists in South-Kalimantan, Nov. 2019 © Turc

Trade Union Rights Center (TURC), Indonesia

Trade Union Rights Center (TURC) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2004 and headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

TURC works in various locations across Indonesia with trade unions, organizations, and activists in the palm oil sector, home sector, and manufacturing sector, aiming to promote decent work and empower the working class by providing labor rights education, labor law assistance, and labor studies.


TURC believes that all workers have the right to decent working conditions. To support this, we take various approaches to various stakeholders at the regional, national, and international levels. We support trade unions and labor organizations by working together and empowering them through education. At different levels, we are seriously building networks to strengthen decent work and advocacy for workers' solidarity through campaigns and policy research, extending it to the SDGs and socio-economic perspectives. Our network covers various parties and issues.


How FEMNET cooperates with TURC

The main focus on the cooperation with TURC lies at the moment in the field of gender-responsive health protiction.

In the context of the multi-actor-partnership, together with all relevant stakeholders, FEMNET and TURC are developing guidelines for gender-responsive occupational health and safety protection at the factory level. They are grounded in empirical data collection and studies on site, which focus on the female workers as main protagonists.


Topic areas in cooperation with FEMNET