Solidarität hilft Sina Marx mit Textilarbeiterinnen

Know rights - Enforce rights

Legal advice and financial support in labour lawsuits are an important basis for workers to know what their rights are and how they can enforce them. Even if labour protection laws exist, they are rarely observed.

With your donations ,we support our local partner organisations in order to strengthen the rights of textile workers and to provide them with legal assistance in case of emergency. Most of the time, workers cannot afford legal costs, so that the majority of violations are not prosecuted and punished.

Court actions, letters of complaint and mediation

Grass-root trade unions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) support seamstresses in filing cases to obtain compensation payments. Direct mediation by legal experts with factory management can also lead to success. Typical problems include unlawful dismissals, late or non-payment of wages, sexual harassment and breaches of maternity protection. This is how we work against the unequal power relations between factory management and workers.