Structural support: Help for local women through committed organisations

Neben konkreten Projekten und Aktivitäten ermöglichen Ihre Spenden auch die strukturelle Förderung von gewerkschaftlichen und zivilgesellschaftlichen Initiativen und Projekten, die Frauen in Indien und Bangladesch in ihrem Kampf für ein selbstbestimmtes und gewaltfreies Leben unterstützen.

Gewerkschaften und Nichtregierungsorganisationen (NGOs) in Produktionsländern wie Indien und Bangladesch sind notorisch unterfinanziert: Die Arbeiter*innen selbst können kaum Mitgliedsbeiträge zahlen, da ihre Löhne nicht mal zum Überleben reichen.

Hostile climate for trade unions

Demonstration der NGWF 2018. © NGWF© NGWF

Governments often work against labour rights organisations rather than supporting them - massive harassment, police violence, intimidation and arrests of staff are commonplace. Especially small women-led organisations are severely hindered in their work in this way. We therefore support the local organizations structurally in order to enable the important representation of the workers' interests in the long term.



Representation of interests

Gewerkschaftsaktion von Munnade vor Fabrik mit Frauen. © Munnade© Munnade

Project-independent support frees the organisations to fulfil their core task: the empowerment of women in claiming their rights. That is done by:

- demonstrations, protests and petitions,
- education and information on labour laws, wages or forms of violence at work,
- training of women for leadership positions,
- support for family problems, domestic violence or rent issues.


Breaking taboos: Women stand up for their rights

© Taslima Akther© Taslima Akther

Seema (19) from Bangladesh has broken a taboo: she publicly denounced the death of her friend who collapsed ill during a night shift in a textile factory. Her superiors had refused to let her go. Too ill to work, Salma lay down under her machine. She died the next morning.

Seema's courageous appearance was a first and important step in confronting the power and arbitrariness of factory managers. In order to fight the exploitation and violence against women in the garment industry, Seema and her colleagues need our support.