2022 Open Letter: Failure to comply with human rights due diligence obligations

Together with other supporters FEMNET and ECCHR address the brands TOM TAILOR, IKEA, Deichmann and Amazon today, on the anniversary of the devastating #Tazreen factory fire.

Ten years ago, on Nov. 24th, 2012, 117 people died in the Tazreen factory fire. Exactly six months later, 1,135 people died in the rubble of Rana Plaza. The "Accord for Building Safety and Fire Prevention in Bangladesh" (Bangladesh Accord) was a response to these tragedies and has been successful in preventing such tragedies in the garment industry. Yet leading companies that produce in Bangladesh have not signed the Accord to date, including: TOM TAILOR, IKEA, Deichmann and Amazo.



For better working conditions for women in the textile industry

The working conditions for women in the garment industry are often inhumane, especially in countries of the Global South. Modern forms of slavery, violence and exploitation are commonplace. Through campaigns, educational work in Germany as well as projects and actions in the countries of the Global South, we draw attention to these issues and contribute to bring about change.


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For women in the textile industry

Your donation makes an important contribution to fair and equitable work in the global textile industry. With your help we can improve the precarious conditions under which women and girls produce our fashion and strengthen their rights.

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