Rukmini Vaderapura Puttaswamy. © Regina Weidental

2022 Indian women's rights activist Rukmini V. Puttaswamy receives prize from the Bremen Senate Chancellery

The 17th Bremen Solidarity Award was presented in 2021 to trade unionist Rukmini Puttaswamy of Munnade/GLU at the suggestion of FEMNET.

Rukmini is president of the only women-led union GLU (Garment Labour Union) in India. Rukmini is a tireless fighter and has been campaigning hard for the rights of women garment workers for many years.

For FEMNET, Rukmini and GLU are reliable project partners. Together we have already been able to achieve a lot and, for example, help in hundreds of cases of labor rights violations.

Femnet is extremely happy about this recognition for Rukmini. She and the trade union women of GLU have more than earned the 10,000 Euro prize.

In June 2022 several events will host Rukmini as key speaker and honor her for her achievements.

For better working conditions for women in the textile industry

The working conditions for women in the garment industry are often inhumane, especially in countries of the Global South. Modern forms of slavery, violence and exploitation are commonplace. Through campaigns, educational work in Germany as well as projects and actions in the countries of the Global South, we draw attention to these issues and contribute to bring about change.


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For women in the textile industry

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