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Call for tenders for a study on minimum wages in Sindh Province in Pakistan in January and February 2023

Research on labor rights violations for potential complaints under the German Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains (LKSG)

The German Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains (LKSG) has come into force in January 2023. It obliges companies with more than 3000 employees to exercise human rights due diligence with regards to their supply chain. In particular, the right to an adequate wage and freedom of association are protected under the law (§ 2 II No. 6, 8, 11). In this context, the German NGOs FEMNET (member of the Clean Clothes campaign) and ECCHR (the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights) are working on a project to see how the law can help to address labor rights violations in garment factories.

Goals of the project

- Improve German law and EU regulation:
Work to ensure that the German government addresses the shortcomings of the law, ensures effective implementation, and advocates for Europe-wide regulation that goes beyond the German law

- Make the law usable for those affected
Train partners in production countries and support them in demanding their rights from companies in the event of violations of labor rights on the basis of the German Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains 

Measures / activities:

  • Lobbying Germany and EU
  • Campaigning and education
  • Workshops for partners and CCC
  • Casework:
    Inform organizations in production countries comprehensively about the possibilities that arise from the law. Together we will select and document suitable cases so that the rights of those affected can be asserted before BAFA (the competent authority in Germany for the Supply Chain Act) and / or in court. The complaints and / or lawsuit(s) are to be accompanied by publicity.

To implement the project, we are looking for a reliable partner organization based in Pakistan, ideally based in Sindh Province, which is able to conduct a survey among about 300 textile workers to determine the wage levels actually paid to workers.

The subject of the survey is information on working conditions. Of particular interest are the level of wages paid, number and payment of overtime, contractual coverage, gender discrimination and the practical implementation of the right to freedom of association.

Services to be provided:

  • Selection of suitable factories in the region that produce for European companies affected by the German supply chain law
  • Design of the questionnaire together with FEMNET and ECCHR
  • Elaboration of questions and translation (English, Urdu)
  • Survey of around 300 workers
  • Identifying suitable persons for processing individual cases
  • Evaluation and written summary of the results
  • 2 workshops with affected workers and interviewers together with FEMNET and ECCHR (hybrid format)

Time frame

  • As soon as possible, start of survey ideally still in January 2023
  • Completion of the study no later than March 2023

Requirements for applicants

  • Individuals or organizations with excellent knowledge of local labor rights and practices, ideally (with affiliation to) trade unions or nongovernmental organizations with a focus on labor rights
  • Very good knowledge of English and Urdu, German an advantage

Required Application Materials:

  • min. 1 DIN A4 page project outline incl. time schedule
  • Budget
  • Proof of suitability (see above)

Please send your detailed application no later than January 25th 2023 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Bonn, 11th January 2023