Solidarity Fund

Objectives of our project work abroad

With Solidarity Fund, we support local workers in their fight for fair working conditions. For this, FEMNET works longterm with carefully selected organizations in India and Bangladesh. Our project partners support the workers through:

  • legal assistance in employment matters,
  • organizing protests, campaigns and demonstrations as well,
  • trainings and consultations.

The partner organizations of FEMNET

  • work on grassroot level, consisting of a large extent of (former) female workers who therefore are familiar with the needs of their clients.
  • develop their project ideas independently. FEMNET does not influence the decision-making processes of its partner organizations.
  • work transparently and accurately calculate the project funds provided by FEMNET.

Support for the seamstresses

Seamstresses in Bangladesh or India often work 10 to 12 hours per day and still receive only a starvation wage. They work extra hours to be able to survive, and are often not paid accordingly. The supervisors treat them badly and often insult and sometimes also abuse them sexually. If the workers try to form a union, they are in most cases immediately fired.

Local women’s organisations and unions inform the seamstresses about their rights. They provide trainings about working and women’s rights in their country and advise the workers in legal matters. They need our solidarity and our financial support. This is why FEMNET has created the solidarity fund for which we ask donations.


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