National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) in Bangladesh

Many workers in Bangladesh know neither their rights nor do they have the means to sue for the breach of law. FEMNET e.V. has been supporting the Bangladesh National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF), a federation of national workers of the textile industry.

Through means of a fund, workers who do not have enough are provided funded legal assistance. Workers are encouraged to complain (eg, non-payment of overtime) provided however that prospect of winning the case is high. Additionally, various processes are supported with the long term aim of achieving positive court decisions for workers.

NGWF organizes numerous protests; undertakes activities such as demonstrations, petitions to the government (e.g subsidize food for the seamstresses) and a larger commitment to women's rights.

Submitting a plea in Dhaka, Bangladesh costs Taka 250 (EUR 2.40), and the cost of a hearing is 1100 Taka (10.50 euros).

More information on the website of NGWF: 


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