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Demanding justice

Currently we are cooperating and supporting the following organisations:

Munnade in Bangalore, South India

Since 2011 FEMNET supports the union and NGO Munnade. Munnade is an experienced women's rights organization that provides legal aid for workers in court actions. Additionally Munnade supports women in domestic violence or issues regarding rent, informing them of their rights within the labour laws of India. They train individual women as leaders so that they can occupy leadership positions within the union.

More information about Munnade

NGWF in Bangladesh

The National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) organizes over 38,000 employees. With the unfortunate skyscraper collapse at Rana Plaza in April 2013; and fire outbreaks in textile mills, NGWF led protest demonstrations in Bangladesh demanding the arrest of the factory owner responsible. NGWF participated in the drafting of the building and fire protection agreement for Bangladesh (ACCORD). FEMNET supports a legal aid fund of NGWF for the female employees through which the lawyers of the union sue against incorrect payments and take legal against unjustified dismissals.

More information about NGWF

Cividep Bangalore, South India

Cividep is a non-profit NGO registered in the year 2000. Cividep informs workers about their rights and conducts studies on working conditions in the electronics, textile and leather industry. Cividep conducts educational and advocacy activities, research projects and campaigns to ensure corporate responsibility and supports workers in enforcing their labour rights. FEMNET supports Cividep in creating crèches in textile factories. These are required by law, but the women do not bring their children to them because they are often ill-equipped and ill-maintained. This issue would be addressed using a new strategy supported by a BMZ project.

More information about CIVIDEP

Rights Education and Development Centre (READ) in Tamil Nadu, South India

The Rights Education and Development Centre (READ) is a non-governmental organization based in Tamil Nadu. READ advocates for a society in which a life of dignity for all is possible. A special focus of the work of READ is to support Dalits[1]. READ engages in the fight against the exploitive employment of young girls in the age of 14-18 years in spinning mills (Sumangali).



[1]Dalit is in the traditional Indian caste system, a member of the lowest caste.

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