Mission Statement of FEMNET


Women work and live independently with dignity - worldwide.


Strong women, fair work!  

FEMNET is working for the rights of women in the global garment industry through political engagement, education, counselling and a Solidarity Fund. We demand that companies take responsibility for their actions and that politicians create binding rules.


We support women worldwide in enforcing their rights.

We mobilize people for fair supply chains in the garment industry: from the factory workers to the final consumers.

We are committed to establishing binding rules for companies, working together with trade unions, consumer and environmental organizations, church and development organizations as well as human rights organizations such as the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) and the Corporate Accountability Network for Corporate Responsibility (CorA).

We participate in initiatives such as the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, a multi-stakeholder initiative from industry and commerce, civil society, standards organizations and trade unions. As long as we see credibility and outcomes, we use political opportunities such as these to improve the working conditions of women across the entire supply chain of the textile industry up to the manufacturing of ready-made garments, including often neglected sectors such as spinning and weaving mills or dyeing factories.

We support the work of unions and non-governmental organizations in India and Bangladesh with our Solidarity Fund, for which we collect donations in Germany.

We provide educational work at schools, universities and technical colleges, and we advise public administrations on purchasing fairly produced work-wear.

We inform the public through events and publications.

We achieve our goals by networking with organizations and associations as well as with fair trade actors. In addition, we encourage people not only to critically evaluate their consumption habits, but also to raise their voices and engage in political and civic engagement.


As of 1st August 2017

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