News - 2021

Jeyasre Kathiravel's factory ID. Photo: Handout

Murder of a female worker once again sheds light on structural violence in India's factories

Violence against women is a bitter everyday occurrence in India's factories. Young women in particular are often helplessly at the mercy of their superiors' assaults. On January 5th 2021 a young woman who worked in the factory Natchi in Tamil Nadu, South India, was found dead - murdered by her supervisor. Natchi Apparels is part of the well-known and large Eastman Group - over 1500 employees work here in two shifts. H&M and Lidl have production at Natchi Apparel. FEMNET has written to both companies and asked what steps they will take. Neither company has taken any action so far.

Rukmini V. Puttaswamy


Indian FEMNET partner Rukmini V. Puttaswamy receives Bremen Solidarity Award

We are very happy about the award for the trade unionist Rukmini V. Puttaswamy from Bangalore. On our proposal she receives the 17th Solidarity Award of the Bremen State Chancellery.