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#OhMyG*OSH! First issue of the G*OSH newsletter on gender-equitable occupational health and safety.

Gender equity and occupational health and safety need to be thought together, especially for textile and footwear factories where women are predominantly employed. We started implementing this with a multi-actor partnership (MAP) on gender-responsive occupational health and safety launched in December 2021. A lot has happened since then!

With G*OSH - Gender-Sensitive Views on Occupational Safety and Health, we are creating awareness on gender-sensitive perspectives in occupational health and safety and drawing attention to findings and activities around our project progress with our partner organizations CIVIDEP (India), TURC (Indonesia) and SÜDWIND (Germany).

The brand-new first issue features the results of studies on gender-specific problems in the area of occupational safety and health in India and Indonesia, which we conducted with our partners in an initial project phase. The studies showed, among other things, that reproductive health issues such as menstrual hygiene are an important issue for female textile workers and that there is a need for more "H"-ealth in "OSH", i.e., more health protection. We are also pleased to introduce Uni Lina, an inspiring young textile worker who is standing up for the rights of her female colleagues through her union activities in Jakarta.

The broad-based project partnership has recently undertaken several activities, including participation in a successful side session at the OECD Forum on Due Diligence in the Textile and Footwear Industry, where study findings on occupational health and safety challenges were presented. In addition, a first dialogue trip to Indonesia led to important discussions with stakeholders such as trade unions and factory management. Currently, preparations for the first (digital) dialog forum on May 16, 2023, and the gender data working group are in full swing.

The English-language newsletter "G*OSH" keeps up to date on past and future projects within the framework of the project.

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